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What is Home Respiratory Care?

Our association members are pleased to provide Home Respiratory Care to Atlantic Canadians. Our services are offered in the individual’s home or in one of our members’ local clinic settings. Appointments are typically booked in advance, while others may be provided on a drop-in arrangement. The Registered Respiratory Therapists(RRTs) our members employ are

“highly skilled health care professionals. They care for patients by evaluating, treating, and maintaining cardiopulmonary (heart and lung) function. Respiratory therapists have specialized medical expertise and use advanced medical technology. They are educated to treat all age groups, from newborns to the elderly.”

From the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapist

Our RRTs help individuals manage their chronic respiratory diseases through therapy and education. We also help diagnoses and treat individuals with sleep disordered breathing through in-home studies, CPAP and Bi-level therapy.


Services our members provide.

Our services include:


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